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The Aldobrandeschi Oil Mill Social and Agricultural co-op was founded on 14 April 1984 in Via Roma, 2 in Campagnatico thanks to a limited group of people. The company is a true saving co-op whose first objective is to “separately or communally process olives produced by its partners to produce oil.”
Its statute is composed of 54 articles and it is the “law” of the co-op. this is a contract between the co-op and its partners as it lists detailed rules that the co-op must follow.
The statute has been modified for legal needs; however the objective remains that of the commercialization and the transformation of a product given to the co-op by its partners. In order for the co-op to work well organization, checks and management must be extremely efficient.

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Many services and initiatives tied to the culture of producing oil are offered to out Co-op partners.

The initiatives listed below are provided at reduces prices:

– Tree trimming courses;

– Courses for the use of phytosanitary products with a certificate provided at the end;

– Courses for fork lift licences with a certificate provided at the end;

– Courses for licences to sue various tractors and other equipment allowed by the regions;

– Courses for the IAP (Imprenditore Argricolo Professionale – Professional Agriculture Entrepreneur);

– HACCP courses;

– Rls courses;

– Fire fighting courses;

– First aid courses;

– General and Specific training for employees.

Each member receives a weekly notice to monitor the oil fly in the co-op’s land. We also offer the possibility, with the help of an external consultant, to purchase fertilizer’s at a special price and to personalize the fertilization procedure. In addition to this, the milling price is cheaper for our partners and we also offer the possibility to transport the olives or we contact external companies to do this for us.

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