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The oil from Aldobrandeschi Oil mill derives from olives cultivated by our partners in the Campagnatico region. The predominant types are Frantoio, Correggiolo, Moraiolo and Leccino, which are typical of our area. Then, in lesser quantites we also have Maurino, Leccio del corno, Pendolino. The oil is produced at a temperature of 27ºC and once the production has taken place it is then carried to the mill for storage. In order to guarantee originality and high quality the product, which is taken by our partners, is brought back to the mill and stored before being put into the market. The oil undergoes chemical and sensorial testing and its results are then provided to clients and partners.

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Fiord’olio Biologico

Our extra virgin olive Fiordolio Biologico has a green colour and it could bring forth many aromatic sensations that contribute to its taste and authenticity. As this product derives from olives that have been picked prematurely, its smell resembles that of an olive, fresh and green. Its green colour is typical of the October productions, when aromas bring back to green fruits. Since it derives from olives picked on the hills, its taste always remains fresh, it is never too thick, and it resembles, in part, an artichoke, but even more so freshly cut grass. The typical taste of extra virgin oil derives from green olives. Its bitterness is always [resent but it does not disturb tha palate, as it mixes with a light but persistent touch of spice.

Fiord’olio Classico

Even the Fiordolio extra virgin olive oil has a green colour which is typical of the oils of the Campagnatico region. As this oil comes from olives picked from October to the beginning of December, its aroma and taste are harmonious and complex. The artichoke and cut grass always prevail. The green harvest of the first productions ties in with the mature harvest which is characteristic of the oil deriving from ripe and mature fruit, like the olives which transform themselves in November. The result is a bitter, spicy and fruity well-blended oil. Our extra virgin oil is ideal to put on all Tuscan and non-Tuscan cooked dishes, which are rich in flavour.

Fiord’olio Selezione

The Fiordolio Selection extra virgin olive oil derives from an attentive selection n suppliers of both olives and oil. This guarantees a great relationship between quality and price to all clients who want a great extra virgin oil at a reasonable price. We propose a product that guarantees quality in origin, organoleptic and chemical characteristics produced by our partners or by trusted suppliers that operate in the surrounding areas. This oil’s taste and aroma is similar to the one from the Campognatica area, however it is limited in its availability.

Fiord’olio IGP

IGP Toscano oil is a result of the meticulous work of our partners who use only the best olives harvested in October and November. The olives are personally selected by our Master Growers. Our oil is made exclusively from typical Tuscan olive tree cultivars.
Our oil is extracted cold, at exactly 27°C, and stored in specialised containers. It is then bottled directly after being filtered.
Through this process, our oil develops its strong flavour and fruitiness, while keeping balance between bitter and spicy, enhancing red meat and all the genuine flavours of the Maremma cuisine



Valori medi per:100ML100ML
VITAMIN E12mg1,6mg
*RDA = Recommended Daily Radiation: percentage of the indicative daily quantities of an adult calculated based on a 2000kcaldauly need. This need could vary based on sex, age and physical activity.


Anti-spill cap

All our products follow the “Instructions for the compliance of the obligations deriving from Italy’s membership to the European Union %mdash; European law 2013-bis.”
These obligations are listed in article 18 paragraph 1 of law 161/14, that substituted article 7 paragraph 2 of the Mongiello law that states that virgin olives presented in public places, except for its use in the kitchen and the preparation of food, must be presented in labelled containers conforming to current regulations. They must contain the appropriate closing device so that the content may not be modified without the packaging being opened or altered. They must also be equipped with a protective system that does not allow for re-use of the product once its content has finished, as per label indications.